Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally Final

Now that I have finally uploaded everything and had a chance to rethink about everything I've done, I'd have to say I'm very pleased with the progress I've made in this class. In terms of the goals for this class, I feel I've pretty much made some sort of transformation on each point. I had to forget everything I "knew" about drawing the figure and really just take in the class piece by piece. More than anything I think I've abandoned my caricature version of the human form and found the knowledge and skill to represent a more realistic human form.

When looking at my comments from Midterm, I think my biggest improvement is spending more time on process and on getting the base of a drawing correct, instead of just jumping in head first and deciding to fix it later. I think this shows in the final shell drawing, and my long drawing of the skull, because each is packed with process in my opinion.

Lastly, because I love storytelling, conceptual art and locations, and human expression, I think this class was very useful to my goals for a career as some sort of illustrator. Speaking with a friend of mine who works in a similar genre in CA, he said that Life Drawing is a huge foundation to everything he does, so it sounds like I'm off to an OK start. Probably going to take LD2 because of how much I enjoyed this class.

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